Types of Sleep Disorders

At his private practice based in Lafayette, Indiana, Dr. Albert Lee provides a high professional standard of care for patients with sleep disorders. In all, researchers have documented more than 100 varieties of such disorders grouped into four main classes: insomnia, sleep rhythm issues, behaviors that interrupt sleep, and problems staying awake. Neurologists like Dr. Albert Lee diagnose and treat root sleep problem causes, which can include viral illnesses and lifestyle issues.

Patients with insomnia struggle to fall and to stay asleep. Some individuals undergo short-term bouts of insomnia, and others experience it over the longer term. While some people fall asleep during the day due to lack of sleep during the evening, others cannot stay awake because they have conditions like hypothyroidism and narcolepsy.

Sleep problems often arise from matters related to personal lifestyle. These can involve the shifting sleep patterns associated with shift work. Further, disorders like jet lag syndrome and irregular sleep-wake syndrome also contribute to an erratic sleep schedule.

Lastly, certain sleep-related behaviors can give rise to sleep disorders, especially in children. Such behaviors include sleepwalking and conditions that cause patients to act out their dreams.


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